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Mobile solutions for real time relationships at events.

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Intelligent Venues Network

We deliver Seamless technology that works for the event industry. We deliver a per event full service end to end solution to create innovative and practical technology solutions that enhance the customer experiences and improve event efficiencies.

We provide a full service for all cashless payment systems using open loop technology alongside state of the art epos and end to end stock control software to help increase sales reduce shrinkage and improve operational efficiency.

Chip and pin PDQ’s to provide a cashless solution EPOS systems to manage stock control and financial management from end to end WBO back end data management

Access, Ticketing and Wearable’s

Using open loop technology we create wearable technology that includes unique chip that incorporates access/payment and loyalty capability or we can custom any to your event requirements.

  • Open loop RFID access
  • Wristbands with unique wearable technology
  • Bypass a fully integrated wristband with access/payment and rewards technology

Venue Wifi

We focus on front of house solutions to create full connectivity through industry leading Wi/Fi capabilities from 5,000 to 70,000 connections that allows visitors to instantly connect and stay connected, to receive content and maintain a connection post event.

  • WI FI / localized servers & Internet solutions
  • B to C front of house event solutions
  • Fixed venue solutions
  • Geo Fencing/Micro Fencing /Data management

We can create new Apps and mobile web sites or we work with the existing infrastructure to embed technology and content streams that can be used in the event intranet created with the Wi Fi solution. We encourage embedded technology from the start of the web/app development to ensure the best seamless

  • App development and integration with existing content
  • Mobile web development and integration with existing content
  • White label integration
  • ChatRbx- the festival App

Managing Mobile & Social Relations

We can help you create new opportunities with in-event communication via social media and allows for instant connection and adds a 4th dimension to the event. This creates an opportunity for new content on the big screens and on mobile devices and new crow interactivity.

  • Onsite media center
  • Onsite communications management
  • Social and traditional media management

Instant marketing at POS

New Technology allows for new connections and new marketing content and moments with the audience from instant offers, new acquisitions, improved engagement and allows events and vendors to connect with the audiences in a new way. Create new products and share new content post event.

  • Micro Fencing
  • In the moment connections
  • New Products
  • Data management


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